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Are your apps secure and compliant?

Find privacy & security issues in apps.

Fully Automated Scan

Scan any Android or iOS app. No source code needed, user interaction is automated.

Security & Privacy Reports

Discovery security vulnerabilities, weaknesses and privacy breaches in apps.

Based on Latest Code Analysis Research

Hybrid Analysis Techniques

App-Ray uses highly precise hybrid code analysis techniques to discover security vulnerabilities and privacy breaches in code and at runtime.

Static code analysis

  • Coding problems (e.g. SQL injections, deprecated API usage)
  • Encryption related issues (TLS problems)
  • Capability & data leaks
  • Anti-debugging techniques

Dynamic, behavior-based analysis

  • Unmodified & instrumented testing
  • Network communication
  • File access
Comprehensive data protection & security reporting

GDPR Report

European data protection legislation requires app developers to protect users' privacy. App-Ray reports sensitive data sources of an app and visualizes communication behavior.
  • Data categories
  • Sensitive data sources used by an app
  • Communication endpoints and their location
  • Mechanisms to protect data at rest and in transit

Security Report

  • Ranking & Classification of findings according to OWASP Mobile Top 10, CERT, GDPR, etc.
  • Drill-down into detected issues
  • Locating roots of problems in source code

We used App-Ray's static and dynamic analysis to check our 30 most popular apps according to our security and privacy standards. App-Ray proved to be a win supporting us in analyzing 30 apps within a week.

Group Privacy, Deutsche Telekom

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